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Frozen Screen Of Death. When the game freezes on phantasy star online and a continuous buzzing sound is made. Players now use it as a way to annoy other players on the game, as there is an action replay code which lets you do it to people (see soulja224466 or Soulja224466
by Zal January 10, 2005
In his words, an "Excessively lazy" person who asked me to define him here. Likes pies, glee and "o.o"
He is a communist! www.pieism.tk o.o
by Zal January 16, 2005
Is said randomly for no reson in particular, often shows stupidity.
Stupid person-"Blibbidibybeep!!!"
Smart person-"Wtf?"
Stupid person-*drools*
Smart person-*Backs away slowly...*
by Zal January 12, 2005
a word that a mentaly ill person came up with (Kedux) replaces the word "OwNz"
or just any thing u like. <Insert Word Here> (KAWA!)
this movie is a KAWA movie!
yes this is a KAWA word!

by Zal May 09, 2004
Meep has no meaning, it is used as a random word and often signify's unintelligence or lack of else to say
You really need an example?
by Zal January 10, 2005
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