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(Noun) Infamous game, or trial by fire, made in certain internet forums

Several users are forced to do humiliating tests and "missions" only for the amuse of 3 evil organizers.
The winner of the Obijuego (If there is one) achieve legendary level.
Horse penises are involved.

(Adjetive)Lately Obijuego is being used to define any kind of game that you can't win.

· Neil Patrick Harris won the first Obijuego ever made, back in 1981.
· Emo kids and Flat-chested Lolitas are not allowed to win, no matter how hard
they try.
· The Obijuego is named after Obi, who was a mythological being, half man, half woman and 12% of a rubber duckling.
- Dude, are you participating in the Obijuego this year?
- No way man, my penis still bleeds when I sneeze, I'm not doing that shit again.

- Zak should win the Obijuego.

- That slot machine is an Obijuego.
by Zakete September 19, 2010

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