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Intentionally sending multiple short text messages all on the same line of thought or point in rapid succession. Often times this is done when the point could be made in one message, but is instead spanned out over 5-7 quick messages of 1-3 words each. Can be immensely frustrating, as new messages stream in while the recipient attempts to respond.
(Bullet texting conversation)
Person 1: Hey
Person 1: What's goin on
Person 1: Anything?
Person 1: Was thinking of getting food
Person 1: You hungry?

Person 2: Yeah, I could go for some food. Where you wanna eat?

Person 1: Idk
Person 1: maybe wendy's
Person 1: but whatever's fine
Person 1: You?
by ZakTheDJ March 19, 2009
The act of randomly browsing through the Facebook profiles of people you don't know, purely by clicking thumbnail pictures of people you find hot. Typically this process starts from a friend's page or a group's page, and continues by clicking on a thumbnail of one of their friends or one of the group's members, and continues on and on.

Similar process to wiki surfing.

See also link surfing.
"Whoa man, where did you meet that chick you just added? She's GORGEOUS!"

"I was just hotsurfing one day and after awhile I landed on her. Definitely some eye candy!"
by ZakTheDJ February 27, 2010
Having a Facebook profile in which the privacy settings are as strict as they can be. Users cannot search you, see your display picture, send you a message, send you a friend request, view your photos or videos, or see your relationship status, even if it is with one of their friends.

The setting is so private, two users with their profiles set this way cannot even become friends without one temporarily lowering their privacy settings.
"I saw Alex tagged in some photos awhile back. I hadn't talked to her in years, and I was going to add her so we could touch base, but she's private up the ass so I can't even send her a message!"
by ZakTheDJ April 08, 2009
The act of editing someone's social networking profile in a humorous, slanderous, or disgusting manner after finding they've left themselves signed in on an unattended computer.
Did you see Ed's profile? I guess he left his laptop signed in at the party, and he got face-raided.
by ZakTheDJ March 19, 2009

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