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Genis n -someone who is a genius academically but is a dick when it comes to interacting in social settings, thus the word genis has been adapted as it is the combination of the english words, "genius" & "penis" the origin of the slang term "dick"
Charlie: Do you guys know by any chance the Pythagoras's theorem?
Genis Gery: Charlie, that is so very simple! I mean if anything someone of your supposed education should know the Quadratic formula! But if I must I suppose I can help you-
Charlie: Uhhh Gery I just forgot, I know how to do it but I can't remember the equation, but if I see it I can do it myself. So quit being a Genis!
Genis Gery: I am insult at such an accusation!
*American Example*

Ben: Sure I would said that Frasier fella on the tellie is a mighty Genis!
Mark: Ahh stop, we all know he is pure full of himself like!
*Irish Example*
by Zak Reiter & Owen Finnegan May 08, 2008

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