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1. A fantastic combination of flamboyant, glamboyant and probably a Burning Man festival's worth of shrooms.

2. Self-proclaimingly wonderful, but only if you are named Adam Lambert.
Adam Lambert is Adamlamboyant.
by Zagaloo December 23, 2009
Refers to something that is deliciously, or precociously, like Michel Foucault (French philosopher), or like something he would say.
Joe: Knowledge is a function of power.
Bob: That's foucaultious!


Joe's five-year-old son: Dad, I feel like my teachers are trying to normalize me.
Joe: That's my son! -so foucaultious.
by Zagaloo November 25, 2009
1. Someone so bitchy it's unbelievable.

2. Alternatively, something quite bitchingly awesome.
1. My wife is being an incredibitch.

2. Lady Gaga's new song is incredibitch!
by Zagaloo November 25, 2009
A woman who is basically a gay man; she likes all the same stuff that gay men like, and gets along well with gay men.
A: why are you always hanging with gay men? you're such a fag hag!

B: no, i'm just a vaggot. Hey did you see the new OUT?
by Zagaloo February 23, 2010
A word describing the types of egomaniacal lies men will tell in order to get attention/sex.
His claim to have extensive knowledge about wine, philosophy and Italian sports cars is totally phallacious.
by Zagaloo November 25, 2009
A state of being, in which one is flamboyantly or gregariously drinking a Belgian beer and possibly changing an oil filter (which adds an extra layer of fram).
Way to be framboisant you idiot. This is Ireland you're supposed to be drinking Guiness.
by Zagaloo December 23, 2009
The murder of history; accomplished when a historian leans too far to the postmodernist/relativist or too far to the scientific/objectivist side of the spectrum.
Gibbon nearly committed historicide back there. Thank goodness Ranke has sorted us all out.
by Zagaloo November 25, 2009
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