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The driving force among a group of friends (bros) during a night of partying. As more "bros" decide to party, the group gains bromentum.
"Dude, everybody's leaving the party! We're losing bromentum!"
by ZagBro December 01, 2007
Bro-Cred is a method of payment between bros. When money is not available, the charge is placed on Bro-Cred to be payed back later. Bro-Cred is only used amongst those whom you trust.
Bro 1: "Oh shit dude, I only have 2 bucks in my wallet."
Bro 2: "Don't worry about it, we'll just put it on bro-cred."

"Fuck me man, after that last sack I'm up to $125 on bro-cred."
by ZagBro January 11, 2008
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