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Homosexual nickname for your brother.
My older brother doesn't fancy girls. He prefers the fine art of pork sword swallowing. He's a right gaybo! you know, its like you have lesbo's but he's a bloke, so he is a gaybo
by zag lightyear May 18, 2012
When one sits in an open plan office and the person directly behind you turns their swing chair around, opens their legs to expose tight fitting pants around the gentleman's area while wearing white socks proceeds to shout verbal diarrhoea very loud in your direction, thus preventing you from doing any work and raising your blood pressure.
Oh for god's sake. That F.Witt in the road safety department is having a Swing Chair Conversation again. There goes my bonus for the week.

Oh F.Witt is easing his pants up tight again, watch out for the swing chair convo!
by Zag Lightyear May 17, 2011

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