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5 definitions by Zag

Princess of Oz (the Wizard of Oz, Return to Oz, Ozma of Oz) in popular series of books by L. Frank Baum.
Dorothy and Billina, a talking Yellow Hen, help Princess Ozma rescue the royal family of Ev from the evil King of the Nomes.
by Zag March 02, 2004
A dyke is a lesbian who often has a masculine look about her, though she may not necesarily be butch. It was, and still is, used as a derogatory word, except within gay circles, where it has been reclaimed and is now used as a descriptive term.
n.: Yeah, I'm a dyke.
adj.: Wow, she's really dykey.
offensive: OMG! She's, like, such a fucking dyke! That's sooo totally disgusting. (Often spoken loudly to another blond, pig-tailed, overly hetero friend when a dyke strolls by.)
by Zag September 27, 2003
Extremely strong shot of alcohol that allows you to "catch up" when you start the night late.

Aftershock, 5 Star General, 4 Horsemen, Windex
Its 1 am and Jay isnt drunk. Get him a catch-up shot.
by Zag May 16, 2004
Short for Stelleto shoes
Shs 5'5"... 5'9". Its the Letto.
by Zag May 16, 2004
southern states, "bible belt" states; to be humiliated or publicly embarassed.
Did you see Joe dunk all over Nick. Nick got baptized.
by Zag May 16, 2004