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A person who doesn’t regularly attend church or know much about his or her culture’s primary religion, but still maintains the default position of belief in the religion’s principle deity in a way that doesn’t have any practical effects on their daily behavior.
Josh thought Jesus was pretty dope, but he wasn’t a fan of missing Sunday-afternoon football for church. He was a deeply committed vaguetheist and had a tacit agreement of mutual acknowledgement with the Lord.
by ZackE September 20, 2013
Of or pertaining to one of a coward status.
You pulled a babyorphan when you didn't have sex with your girlfriend.
by zacke July 31, 2003
A smile so infectious that it causes everyone else in close proximity to also smile.
That girl got an Oakland booty and an Ebola smile.
by ZackE November 13, 2014
When a discussion becomes so abstract and self-referential that you stop having it because you've confused yourself too much to continue.
Even I couldn't even tell any more whether I was being sarcastic or serious, so the conversation sort of ended in a metabortion.
by ZackE October 02, 2013

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