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The action that causes a world to be created.
ted- How are worlds created?
Zack- Chuck Norris round house kicks a piece of space into a specific direction.

ps. This is the act of Chuck Norrisilization
by Zack M October 24, 2006
A silly or foolish person, that sometimes says contradictory things.
John- Stew my head is big but also small
Stew- John shut up you asshat!
by Zack M October 24, 2006
A word used by people who want to feel smart, or to brag about how they go to college. These people are typicaly name Keith or Trace.
Zack- The pool valley ball net seems a little loose can someone please make it tight.
Keith- The word tight seems a little intilectually immature, down in gainsville we use the word taut.
by Zack M October 24, 2006

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