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3 definitions by Zack Bunker

Of or pertaining to a gay male or heterosexual female that endlessly chews on their drink's straw while spewing lame dicussion that bores those around them. Often these people are found against walls or under spotlights posing for their "adoring public." See also: Fagadactyl
Eddie was a complete straw chewer as he mawed away on his plastic hose chatting endlessly about Britney Spears.
by Zack Bunker December 03, 2007
4 2
A gaseous excretion from the vagina. Often reffered to as a Queef or Vart, this burst of wind can happen often during or after intercourse. This term is most often used by those who would rather avoid a graphic description of the incident. See also: Queef or Pussy Fart
Shina was leaning over to pick up her towel, when sudddenly her body let out an explosive Rose Fart she didn't see coming.
by Zack Bunker December 03, 2007
5 6
The extreme and paralyzing fear of Santa Clause or Santa related paraphernalia.
Walking through the mall and seeing a man in a red suit with white lapels, sparked John's Clause-trophobia.
by Zack Bunker December 11, 2006
4 5