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Fuck Da Metropolis:
Underground Graffiti Artist Crew whose members were unknown and purposefully anonymous- drawn from other crews, wracked havoc in suburban Australian areas during the mid 1980s to early 1990s-gleefully causing physical vandalism in addition to pornographic graffiti, mainly as a response to society demonising graffiti art, the artists wanted to give the public a show of what real demonic behaviour was like. An 'F.T.W.' approach to public opinion.
"F.D.M. was an exercise in violent youth rebellion against the city", stated Attila (AT)
by Zack 'A.T.A.' Bathory March 26, 2008
Suburban And City Satanic Anti- Christian Spray-can Artist Crew
"Omg! S.A.C. are taking over this part of the neighbourhood!"
"They're going All-City, but in the Suburbs- Suburban All City!"
by Zack 'A.T.A.' Bathory March 26, 2008

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