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106 definitions by Zack

A young man who resembles a butler
Zack: Hey, it's a fruity malooty!
Scott: You're right!
Mike: Hey guys, leave me alone!
by Zack October 10, 2004
wild and crazy

too hairy to stand
i just took the most rambunktous shit ever!

Eric is so rambunktous, he looks like an ape!
by Zack June 03, 2004
A place where Hanus is manufactured. Also someone who is very Hanus.
Damn, that guy is such a Hanery.

Hey, did you visit the Hanery? It's pretty rank!
by Zack September 02, 2003
a wily puerto rican who is compelely uncappable of making up his own jokes. instead he just reapeats other peoples jokes until they are worn out and unfunny.
o shit here comes theis everyone stop laughing.
by zack January 23, 2003
to be correct, or to agree with something
Chris-"Hey slut, you're really cool" Slut-"Pucknut!"

by Zack October 28, 2003
nickname for a man with a penis that is smaller than the length of his thumb.
George Bush is a tree stump.
by zack December 02, 2004
a girl that is only good for giving herad and nibbling at ur nutsac because u wouldnt give her shit any other time
yo ashleys such a nut-sac nibbler just look at her pudgy fat ass she snitched on my n e ways so i hope she chokes on the next slong in her eagerly awaiting mouth
by Zack November 05, 2004