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A marijuana hit from a bong that lasts a long time because once the human lungs fill with marijuana smoke the human exhales through his or her nose and continues to inhale through his or her mouth causing a very long hit or what some call double hitting, tripple hitting, etc...
Damn Zack was train'n that bong like it was the last nug on Earth.
by Zack December 28, 2004
Also known as the short bus. Insulting the bus that mentally handicapped kids ride to school.
Did you see the kids getting out of the tart kart this morning.
by Zack April 10, 2005
To leave one thing and go to do another; a transistion of action.
To bounce from place to place, go to another location or leave the original location.
My cronnies and I bounced after we laughed it out with some friends at the comedy club.
by Zack August 20, 2004
When you have the shits really bad and your asshole gets red from whiping it so much.
Shit dude, I have a rip roaring red ass.
by zack February 23, 2003
the kind of hick that lives in the appalachian mountains in or around tennessee, north/south carolina, and georgia. also found in utah, colorado, and arizona...
Tyler is a mountain hick because he came from tennessee
by zack December 02, 2004
The resultant effect of dingle berries that have not given up their attachment to anus hair and have therefore become dehydrated.
Because of his coarse anal hair, Fred had several attached crunch berries and cried out when he sat down
by Zack March 26, 2004
A feeling of being in the 50's
Because Im wearing these Chucks (old school shoes) I feel Oldskoolitistic
by Zack January 27, 2004
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