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a girl that is only good for giving herad and nibbling at ur nutsac because u wouldnt give her shit any other time
yo ashleys such a nut-sac nibbler just look at her pudgy fat ass she snitched on my n e ways so i hope she chokes on the next slong in her eagerly awaiting mouth
by Zack November 05, 2004
Verb: To babble like a retarded Psycopath
T.J. went Niboo!!
by Zack January 07, 2004
to be correct, or to agree with something
Chris-"Hey slut, you're really cool" Slut-"Pucknut!"

by Zack October 28, 2003
similar to wordcoolnessword
by Zack October 16, 2003
little knicks on your nutsack you get when you are trying to shave your nutsack and it is cold. this happens because when it is cold, your balls get hard and shrivled, thus you are more succeptible to knicks
Christ Tad can you lend me some neosporin for the speens i have on my balls?
by zack January 10, 2003
Someone who plays music for a living and has enough fans to occupy a city bus.
Buy a CD.
by Zack June 13, 2004
This is a emmence combonation of wonderfull, fantastic, and hotistic.
It is used on a rare occasion to portray a truley spectacular thing.
Wow, Carey really is wondertasticfullistic, isnt she?
by Zack February 28, 2005

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