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this is the tasty treat that comes from the loveable animal the pig. bacon is good for everybody. it helps you store fat for the winter and is full of protein.
Zach loves bacon, eat zach, eat!
by ZachiZZo November 29, 2003
what are the things you got sticking out of your shirt
MAtt Cook has some pointy manboobs!
by Zachizzo November 03, 2003
shoes or jumps
"you got them new kicks,""yeah i got the new T-Macks!"
by zachizzo November 07, 2003
another slang term for your house
"come on Mr. Slave back to our flipedy-flopedy-floop!"
by zachizzo October 31, 2003
to steal someones girlfriend and pork them.
I totally zoinked and porked kyles sluty girlfriend.
by zachizzo January 10, 2005
a realy ditsy bitch
god i hate that dibitch!
by zachizzo October 21, 2003
a women when she is masterbating
i heard she had to stir her troff.
by zachizzo October 21, 2003

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