2 definitions by Zachary Kamm

The ultimate triumphant roar. Demanding all attention in the room for the celebration of an incredible goal being completed.
Pronunciation: he+yeah put together (with soul) makes HEYEAH!!!
"HEYEAH!!! We win the game."
"HEYEAH!!! Drink one"
"He plus yeah put together makes HEYEAH!!!"
by Zachary Kamm December 17, 2007
1. A small penis infected with Peyronie's Disease.
2. A crooked little weiner.
3. Used figuratively to describe anything crooked.
1. Man I wish I didn't have Peyronie's, girls don't like it.
2. Haha, look at that schmee.
3. I don't want to eat this schmee popscicle, you shouldn't have let it melt.
by Zachary Kamm December 17, 2007

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