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4 definitions by Zach055

A year just like any other. Nothing different will happen, the world will not end, and everyone who thought it was real will feel like an idiot.
2012 believer: The world will end in 2012
Rational person: Your an idiot.
by zach055 March 05, 2011
A medication that has truly helped me. I truly feel like myself again when I'm on Abilify, I no longer have paranoid, anxiety, or delusional thoughts. Abilify calms the mind, and thus calms anxiety and paranoia. (There are some side effects, but they go away after about a week or so.)
I am not a medical professional and this information is my option only and should not be viewed as accurate and should not be viewed as a substitute for medical advice.
Me before Abilify: "The cops are after me man"
Me after Abilify: "I'm so happy that I'm not paranoid anymore."
by Zach055 March 05, 2011
A person who donates a lot of money to charity.
Donateaholics are awesome!!!
by Zach055 August 10, 2011
A three year long high school program that goes from Sophomore to Senior year. The first class, Intro to Business, is easy. But this is deceptive because junior year you take College Accounting, which involves a lot of math. Then in you senior year you take Entrepreneurship in the International Arena. (That its literally that real name of the class.) The class isn't that hard, but the projects take forever. Including the country project and the pension fund project. It is very boring and take my advise., do not go into this program.
Freshmen: I'm going into the Academy of Finance

Senior: Don't do it!!!!!!
by Zach055 April 09, 2011