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2 definitions by Zach Proubeardeddjembas

Any kind of liquid, wheter it be water, coke or semen.
Also a common greeting amoung speakers of the Language of Heechya.
1) K.G.'s tkee is so full of Jay's heechya it's insane.
by Zach Proubeardeddjembas April 11, 2007
Anything at all, the main word in the language of Heechya. Originaly meant vagina (1). You can also add it to names and words (2). Also used to describe how tired, wet, dry, warm etc. things are.(3)
1) Katie Guy's TKEE is always full of Jay's heechya (see heechya.

2a) Emily = Emtkee
2b)Tkeecky always comes to our tkeecky games.

3) Man, it's colder than Katie Guy's tkee outside.
The grass is greener than Katie Guy's tkee on a tuesday
by Zach Proubeardeddjembas April 11, 2007