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5 definitions by Zach O'Toole

A mix of delicious, you and great. Used in generally positive/cool situations.

The b is technically silent according to certain esoteric rules of grammar, but it is almost always pronounced in common usage.
I had no idea cardboard was so broolicious, it's even able to survive in the vacuum of space!
by Zach O'Toole July 18, 2008
A strangely Polish way of saying the English word "rehearsal." Often invoked amongst other misspellings, strange wordings, portmanteaux, and other egregious verbal tropes. Saying one is going to "reheaslow" instead of "rehearsal" is a form of defiance, denying the uninformed listener a true understanding of the word's meaning but still invoking the spirit of self-betterment through practice.
Sorry for delay, but it's holliday time and we don;t have any reheaslows now, so it's a bit difficult to meet together.
PLease give us few days more, and we'll decided how we'll do this interviev, ok?
by Zach O'Toole February 25, 2010
The word-of-mouth about mens' penises. The grapevine, but for dicks.
I heard through the dickvine that Joey over there's a pretty tiny customer.
by Zach O'Toole June 21, 2013
The male version of badonkadonk. A particularly voluminous penis.
"Jamie's got hella schladongadong. Did you see him dancing out on the floor? That's some Jenna Marbles–level dickbounce right there."
by Zach O'Toole June 21, 2013
Being cunning to such a high level that the cunning individual is also being a cunt.
"Seth is so cunting," April said, "He stole Jack's seat on the board AND got him kicked out of his parking space."
by Zach O'Toole June 21, 2013