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The art of puting scr-, bl-, gr-, or any other two letters in front of a common word to create a rhyming sentence. Also known as the Art of Comboing. In order to combo, you must have a 110 plee or larger. If your flacid isn't hard 24/7, dont bother trying to combo.
Scralec: "Yo Scruntaaaa!"
Scrunter: "Whoa what's goin on here flagget..."
Scralec: "Scruntaaaa!"
Scrunter "Whoaaa peace out scromescrog, keep that scring hard"
Scralec: "Sorry i dont amount to your level Scruntaaaa, ill never be there."
Scrunter: "Obviously chunks, holla back!?! I rape grubs, i rape nubbs, i hate pp lickers, knick knack patty scrack give a grog a blone!"
Scralec: (is so amazed by the combo he beats the meat and skeet skeets)
by Zach Hunter February 09, 2009
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