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When an individual has shit that contains semen from unprotected anal sex, causing the shit to appear gray in color. Usually the case with homosexuals.
Cliff: Hey Zach, you know that guy down the hall?
Zach: The one who shits gray?
Cliff: Yep. that gray pooper.
Zach: Yea. his shit is so gray, the gray pooper
by Zach Huff April 04, 2006
noun: 1. Most commonly used as a degrading or deragatory term for the united states's red-headed step child branch of the military.
2. The idea that the unites states air force does nothing in defense of this great nation, but sit behind a desk, normally on a chair or broomstick, and push paper. They may have one or two missions: refuel the people really doing the work; navy/marine corps jets, or drop a nuclear weapon, however the country would never relay on USAF for this, they are morel likely to call upon a navy ballistic missile submarine to do the job.
Navy and AF General Discussing Plans:
Navy: We can launch off the USS Enterprise and hit targets A-Y.
AF: We will launch from our new base in iraq and hit target Z.
Navy: You can't launch from there, the air strip hasn't been built yet. Says here (looks at construction report) that the golf course was finished yesterday, air strip will be done in about a week. Fuckin' chair force!
by Zach Huff March 23, 2006
noun: a common deragatory term used to describe someone who was not tough enough to hack it in the navy or marine corps, and thus has joined the united states air force.
Guidance counselor talks with student:
Student: I wanna serve my country.
Counselor: You have a 2.8 GPA, 980 SAT, no sports or clubs.
Student: What's get me into, Navy!? Marines!?
Counselor: No, neither. You can be an air fag.
by Zach Huff March 23, 2006
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