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a highly tunable sports car.
it is so tunable in fact, it can be made to go faster just by slapping a sticker on the side, or putting a comicly oversised novelty spoiler on the back. can be known to reach speeds of a whopping 151 mph
some people are even know to drop massive V6's into them, and also putting a vary large tail pipe adds 5-10 hp.
ha ha you suck, i put $50,000 into this $8,000 car so i could bead out your stock camaro, hahaha.
by Zach Hudson April 20, 2003
1) the son of hud

2)a bad ass

3)A Viking

4)A bad ass viking
That Son Of Hud Is One Bad Ass Viking
by Zach Hudson April 20, 2003
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