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a black person with a hispanic name. there are lots of them in major league baseball
pitcher Pedro Martinez is a spic nigger
by Zach Gormley March 10, 2008
a drinking game in which the participant(s) drink 1 of each of the 18 kinds of sam adams beers avalible in 12oz bottles in 3 hours or less. if there is more than 1 participant the one who finishes first is the winner.

(wouldnt reccomend this for anyone under 200lbs.)
Steve was so shitfaced after completing the sam adams challenge in 2 hours and 20 minutes on his 21st birthday
by Zach Gormley March 21, 2008
an extremely fat person, someone constantly snacking
that fat sleech pounded down 5 #5s at burger bitch last night
by Zach Gormley March 12, 2008
many fillipinos i know dont use shaving cream. Instead applying water to their face and proceding to shave
those flips Romulas and joe are too cheap to buy shaving cream so they just go for the fillipino shave
by Zach Gormley March 08, 2008
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