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A team that beat the yankees in 6, thank god.
Ma, the Florida Marlins kicked yankee ass in 2003.
by Zach G. October 27, 2003
A token german name.
Hello Fritz.
Fritz: Guten Morgen!
by Zach G. November 14, 2003
Jennys number in the famous Tommy Tutone song.
I got it! I got it!!!
by Zach G. January 02, 2004
Yellowcard is a great Pop-Rock band. They rocketed to fame with "Ocean Avenue", and have since racked up fans.

Their singles include "Way Away" (<- One of their recent best) "Ocean Avenue" (Coughsuckscough) and "Only One"(Should Not Be A Single).

Their past albums include "The Underdog EP" and "One For The Kids".
How to tell Apart Yellowcard Fans:

When asked their favorite YC song...

A longtime fan would say something from Underdog EP.

A more recently recruited fan would say "Way Away".

A gay MTV watching bandwagoner would say "Ocean Avenue". They also would think Ocean Avenue is Yellwocard's first single and album.

An obsessive-compulsive MeLoveYouLongTime fan would say something from "Midget Tossing".
by Zach G. August 16, 2004
An occupation.
It is Urban for:My life is fucked up.
"I have a McJob."
"Man, you are fucked up."
by Zach G. November 25, 2003
A white castle hamburger, found only in 12 states.
Those things are too small to be enjoyed.
by Zach G. January 17, 2004
A magazine popular in New Jersey about the strange events happening there. Made By two guys named Mark.
Weird NJ teaches you about such strange spots as the devils tower, blue hole, and many Jersey Devil rumors (The demon, not the team.).
by Zach G. November 29, 2003

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