3 definitions by Zach Ellis

Oil Check: act of sticking a finger up someone's butt hole, through clothes, usually during pictures or other public events.
During the wedding pictures yesterday Joe Pa got me with an oil check.
by Zach Ellis September 27, 2007
The BALL GAME: act of two guys standing about twenty feet away from each other with their legs spread apart. The two men then take turns throwing a tennis ball at each others testicles until either, 1) one man quits 2) serious injuring including bleeding, bruising, etc. is seen.
my balls are killing me from playing the ball game last night
by Zach Ellis September 27, 2007
The flip: act of flipping a mans chest and/or boob with the index and middle finger in a upwards and gentle manner.
To flip: I saw Josh Dugue today and I greeted him with a
by Zach Ellis September 27, 2007

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