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The greatest form of mecha media to date. a popular series created by konami that spwned three games (Zone of the Enders, ps2; ZOE:The 2nd Runner, ps2; ZOE: The Fist of Mars, GBA) a movie (ZOE: Idolo), and an anime series (ZOE:Dolores,i) ZOE puts all other mecha games to shame. no other mech gives you the true freedom and fast pace action of the orbital frames. if there is one flaw to ZOE its the shortness of the 2 ps2 games. i for instance have a clear time of 1hr 3min and 30sec on normal with nekkid jehuty (subweapon unequip.) in ZOE2
TheRussianCircus: man, ZOE pwns everything, great music, high paced robot action, awsomeness...that hideo kojima is a genious.

Poohams8000: yea, he better get to work on a ZOE4 after he finishes Metal Gear Solid 3.
by Zach Coty May 07, 2004
few have reached this level of doucheyness, one must hone their abilities for years to reach the zen-like state of hyper douche
-dude, jeff just fucked up my chances with colleen

-wow, hes a real hyper douche
by Zach Coty June 03, 2004

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