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133 definitions by Zach

A shitty band from Southeast Georiga where the guitarist plays super fast jumbled up shit, and the singer sings like a crack-driven turtle.
When Changing Tomorrow played thier first show, everyone knew that they wanted to be like Deranged Minds.
by Zach February 10, 2005
when you crap when having anal gay sex
Gay Guy:ahhh man you never told me you were a wood pusher

Other Gay Guy: sorry
by zach June 09, 2004
When the amount of males present greatly outnumber the females. Often refered to as a sausage fest. This is probably one of the worst situations to be in if you're a horny guy looking for hot chicks to score with.
Dude...be glad you didn't go to Frank's party last saturday. It was a total dudeapalooza.
by Zach October 19, 2006
means to get into ans listen to good music like rock
have you heard of audioslave?
you need to get MUSICIFIED.
by zach December 09, 2004
originally used when someone acts like a father fucker....
1. insult
2. someone really humps your head
3. when a man humps the girl giving him a blow job at the moment
HEY!!!u mother fucking father fucking humphead piece of shit!!! suck my hairy cock u fucing cuntass father fucker
by Zach September 23, 2004
A shortened form of "crucial".

Use whenever some is awesome.
Someone says that an upcoming test is canceled. You say "Cruc!"
by Zach March 23, 2004
Smoke Yourself Retarded
as in smoking pot/weed
by Zach August 30, 2003