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134 definitions by Zach

the highest level of 1337-ness, an even bigger compliment than 31337
omg, he pwnz, d00d he's 301337
by zach February 20, 2005
A derogatory term to call someone instead of "cock sucker."
That cork soaker just hit my car.
by zach September 06, 2004
Pull (stroke) cum out of your cock. aka masturbate.
I was trying to pull one out while watching that porno.
by zach December 19, 2004
A white boy's version of "homedog", "dawg", "homie", etc.
Word up, my homepiece.
by Zach March 26, 2004
Two extreemly hot people fucking like lovers while eating spiced meat.
Laure and Zach had the best sex ever on Jan. 18th 2004 at 4am.
by zach January 23, 2004
1.A place were human children spend the first 18 years of their life

2.A place were children are forced to accept the dominant ideas of the day and a place were original ideas are thrown out

3. school= 1/3learning+1/3busy work ex. making valentine card holders in 2nd grade+1/6lunch+1/12not payingattention+1/12 field trips

4. a cool place were you meet most of your friends and have most of your childhood experiences
I am indfferent to going to school tomorow mom
by zach February 24, 2005
When a girl is soo good looking she is worth jizing on or have intercourse with
DAMN, look at that girl she soo fine, she's jizarific.
by Zach February 03, 2005