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Marked by or possessing a high degree of sophistication; refined: “Many picnics manage without this sophistication, but we like to be couth and feel that the delicacies of gracious living enhance the chances” (John Gould).
Refinement; sophistication:1. "The man has no couth" (Los Angeles Times).

2. "Frank,did you just fart? , man you got no couth."
by zach July 28, 2004
A Girl who is giving u a blowjob with pigtails in her hair and your grabbing onto them to get more leverage on her.
That bitch is a blowjob with handles.
by Zach April 09, 2004
to fuck a dog especially a female dog... up the ass... doggy style
its not cheating if u bitch fuck a dog... cuz its YOUR dog
by Zach September 23, 2004
lacking courage
im feeling rather pusillanimous today
by zach October 26, 2003
Something most are scared to do, Something a chosen few succeed in accomplishing
Anybody who has wanted it enough to break themselves into peices to make it
by Zach February 22, 2003
different way of saying fucked in the ass. can be used literaly or in the same sense as "Dude, we're fucked"
1. Yea, she got effed in the a.

2. If we get cought, we're gonna be effed in the a!
by Zach January 25, 2005
The best town of all time! yay!
Northampton rocks because we have Faces and Thornes and Moshi moshi, and me.
by Zach April 14, 2005

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