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134 definitions by Zach

Marked by or possessing a high degree of sophistication; refined: “Many picnics manage without this sophistication, but we like to be couth and feel that the delicacies of gracious living enhance the chances” (John Gould).
Refinement; sophistication:1. "The man has no couth" (Los Angeles Times).

2. "Frank,did you just fart? , man you got no couth."
by zach July 28, 2004
A Girl who is giving u a blowjob with pigtails in her hair and your grabbing onto them to get more leverage on her.
That bitch is a blowjob with handles.
by Zach April 09, 2004
A small get together of people with out major organization or set up.
Me and a few of my friends were thinking about getting a ghetty together.
by zach August 20, 2004
to fuck a dog especially a female dog... up the ass... doggy style
its not cheating if u bitch fuck a dog... cuz its YOUR dog
by Zach September 23, 2004
Something most are scared to do, Something a chosen few succeed in accomplishing
Anybody who has wanted it enough to break themselves into peices to make it
by Zach February 22, 2003
an acronim for a gutter punk. an extremly filty and all around hardcore punk. usually homeless. oi oi oi. derived from gg allins band the scum fucks.
if your reading this your not a scum fuck. they dont have computers.
by zach December 11, 2004
lacking courage
im feeling rather pusillanimous today
by zach October 26, 2003