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134 definitions by Zach

when u get a rash on ur sack and gooch
Guy 1: I dont know what that thing is on my sack and gooch but it hurts!
Guy 2 : Oh man haha you have a rosag!
by zach March 22, 2005
29 72
The act or state of moving swiftly; swiftness; velocity; rapidly; rate of motion; dispatch; as, the speed a horse or a vessel.

Good Luck.
God Speed.
Usualy said before some-one leaves on a long Trip.
by Zach March 04, 2005
54 97
To take a big nasty poop.
Zach had to take a grizz.
by Zach December 11, 2003
12 64
A town in New Jersey that is built and named after dirt whit very little hot girls.
"marlton sucks"
by Zach April 06, 2003
19 83
Way of insulting someone's intelligence, like "dur."
"Oh man, I forgot to turn off my toaster, and my house burned down!"

by Zach March 01, 2005
21 96
44th largest city in America. Not very well known, since Nebraska is a piece of crap state. Omaha is the only cool place in Nebraska, much like St. Louis or Seattle. It's a pretty nice city, with Caucasians making up the majority of the population, although North Omaha is largely populated by Blacks and Mexicans.
"Yo, I was down in Omaha visitin' my Grandma, it was pretty cool."
"Yeah, I heard o' dat place. Where is it"
"Ah I dunno, some damn place called Nerbaska or sumtin..."
by Zach March 14, 2005
120 226
Stereotypical and racially prejudice term referring to people of African decent. Stems from the idea of these people having long, monkey like arms.
This is the first time a knuckle dragger has showed up at a party in this neighborhood.
by Zach March 14, 2005
126 281