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Maddi is one of the most amazingly nice and beautiful girls you will meet. Her full name is Madison but there are many ways to spell her nickname, "Maddi", but M-A-D-D-I is by far the coolest and sexiest! She has amazing hazel eyes and her normal hair color is brown but it looks much better black, and curly, but she is too lazy to curl it all of the time. She has the most amazing smile in the whole world. She is very athletic and works hard at everything she does until it is perfect. She is definitely not an extremely short person but she isn't quite tall enough to give a good hug! Her favorite colors are purple and yellow. She loves food but is skinny. She is also a little perverted but only to people who will understand it. She is maybe one of the smartest people you will meet and she knows it. She plays the saxophone and is good at it! She abseloutely hates feet so never take your shoes off around her unless you want to get hit!! Maddi is one of the best people you will ever meet and I will definitely never forget about her. ;D
Who's that?
Lucky you!
by Zac66751 May 14, 2011

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