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the newest, shortest version of the "Do you know what i mean?" break down. Popular in Philly. It can also describe a person, usually male, who may fit the stereo type of someone who would use this term alot. see example.
"I'm not tryin to get fired over this, Ya mean? "

"She would never go out with him, he's too much of a Ya-mean."
by Zac Wild October 24, 2006
long ass white Tshirt.

refers to a long ass white T or anyone wearing one.

"oh man, here comes the lawt crew."

"can these guys be sereious in those lawts?"
by Zac Wild October 24, 2006
Relating to snort. or sniffing.
Verb. To snort drugs or substances up your nose.
Noun. Can also refer to the actual substance. Sometimes given a one letter prefix to specify which substance. ie. C-Hort=cocaine, E-Hort=crushed ecstasy, K-Hort=Special K, G-Hort=glass or crystal meth.
Can also refer to your nose, or your "Horter"
Can refer to just about any snorting object. A straw or rolled up dollar can be refered to as a Hort-stick.
"I wanna do some C-hort tonight."
"I'm gonna hort some coke tonight."
"I did so much G-hort this weekend that my horter feels like its gonna fall off."
"Pass me that Hort-stick so i can finish this pile."
"He loves Horting, he is like Horty hort alot."
by Zac Wild October 24, 2006
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