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n. Compliment for doing something that takes some major balls.
Dude: You were right.
Chick: Wow, that had to have taken a lot of balls to say. I really appreciate that, thanks.
Dude: Your welcome. Thanks for the Testicliment.

Examples of things that deserve Testicliments:
Admitting you were wrong, dumping a bitch, standing up to someone twice your size...
#balls #testicles #compliment #appreciation #vaginsult
by Zac P January 24, 2009
Old saying inferring that a shitload of people are doing something or are somewhere.
1. Everyone and their uncle is saying pwned nowadays. n00bs!
2. Everyone and their uncle was high in the 60's.
3. Everyone and their uncle is defending that 'titan'! (BF2142)
#shitload #everyone #all people #too many #quite excesive
by Zac p March 19, 2008
Hybrid of Shenanigans and Hooligans. Can be used to describe unruly and destructive pranks or those who commit them.
Oh, those Shenooligans! Knocking down houses... Embalming live cows...
#shenanigans #hooligans #unruly #destructive #pranks
by Zac P March 03, 2009
Acronym for "Tried of your Crap"
I'm TOYC right now, don't test me.
#crap #acronyms #t0yc #shit #pissed
by Zac P June 29, 2009
Exclamation of anger, disappointment, dread or disbelief; often used to replace swear words.
Cody: Go move that pallet of paper.
Zac: ArrrguhBarguh, you owe me some ice cream.
#grrr #arrgh #byah #anger #growl #dead #sea cow
by Zac P August 23, 2008
context: Battlefield 2142

Large, Hovering attack vehicle featured in 'Titan mode' in the Game BF2142. The Titan is easily over a football field in size, has a extremely tough hull, a powerful shield and 3 distinct separate areas.
The Hangar,located on the front of the Titan, holds a gunship, a transport, and it houses the controls for the Titan's powerful impulse cannons and AA guns.
The Aft Decks are where the enemies enter and assault the Titan.
And the Titan's Power supply or Reactor Core, which enemies try to destroy therefore destroying the entire vehicle.
Are we gonna attack the Titan or are we just gonna play the "silos game"?
#2142 #titan #titan mode #hovering attack vehicle #battlefield 2142
by Zac p March 19, 2008
n. What someone with a speech impediment would call a "retard".
Simple Jack: Yyyur ah R-tard! haha
#retard #speech impediment #fail #simple jack #full retard
by Zac P August 24, 2008
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