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A chauvinist term for fucking a chick from behind with very little respect and spraying cum on her ass. Borrowed from graffiti culture in which vandals spray-paint "tags" on property as a demonstration of illegimate ownership and arrogant pride.

"What happened with that bitch from the club last night? You know the one with the good rack and the junk in her trunk?

"I took her home, I bent her over and tagged that shit up! Tonight i'm gonna bust a nice big tag on her little asian friend's ass as well!"

by Zac A April 16, 2007
When an all-male group decide to have a nude sauna, continually referring to it as being very "European" as opposed to being very gay.
Hey this place is hot! Whoa, why has John got his pants off? I didn't realise we were having a European Sauna, but don't worry i'm cool.
by Zac A October 25, 2006
The act of taking a shit into a woman's vagina, whereby her pussy lips become the "buns" around the turd "burger". Named for the excessively large and sloppy Turkish hamburgers of Brunswick St Melbourne, which resemble large smelly turds.
Last night I gave Sally a wicked Turkish Burger, It was delicious!
by Zac A October 02, 2006

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