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1. Local name in the Bahamas for an attractive Bahamian lady
2. Awesome cocktail that is outrageously homosexual when consumed anywhere outside of the Bahamas. There are many fake American versions of the recipe. The correct, Bahamian, mix involves liberal measures of the following:
White Rum, 151 Rum, Coconut Liquer, Creme de Cassis, Grenadine and Grapefruit Juice.
3. Overpriced, undervalue restraunt in Nassau, NP.
"Erm, I'll have a Bahama Mama please". - used in a bar.
by Zaarin April 25, 2008
Highly irritating word used by "people of a certain class" to describe the act of talking to someone who isn't a complete moron and can reciprocate said act. The word is one of about fifteen or so (for instance, "physically", "actually" and "grim") that are used excessively in conversations that do not call for their presence. To use the word "banter" to describe talking to someone, or, worse still, to use it proactively (see below) is a crime of speech and should garnish you a mother-fucker of a kick arse from all those around you who recognise you for the nob you are.
Descriptively: "Yeah, we had a great time last night - sank a few pints and had a bit o' banter..."

Proactively: "Let's go out tonight, sink a few pints and have a bit o' banter!" (note the elevated excitement in the proactive usage, indicated by the exclamation mark)
by Zaarin April 25, 2007

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