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Whatever shit is forced upon teenagers(sheep) by MTV and other corporate cunts. The shit that true metalheads fight against.
Rap is mainstream, just another fucking trend. in 20 years, no one will remember it
by Zaal' Goron April 08, 2005
One of the most ovverated bands ever. they suck. get over it. They were put out by MTV as just another fad. Everyone who says Kurt No-Brain was a good guitar player should shut their fuckin' mouths and go listen to Yngwie. their sound was not helped by No-brain's so-called "singing", which was actually a drunken moan. they provided half of the influence for mallcore(the other half being rap). The only musician among them was Dave Grohl. although most nirvana fans will agree when I say that Courtney love should BURN IN HELL!!!!
Nirvana sucks. Kurt Cobain is not a hero, he was just a depressed drug addict who liked to moan about his life.
by Zaal' Goron April 12, 2005
a sub-genre of heavy metal that is focused very fast, very complicated guitar solos. Most shredders are virtuosos. Shred song rarely has vocals, and has no mainstream appeal whatsoever. It is only popular with guitar players
Well-Known shredders: Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Michael Angelo
by Zaal' Goron May 21, 2005
A band formed in 1982 by Ronnie James Dio, The Unquestionable God of All Heavy Metal and greatest singer of all time, who is 63 years old and has not retired.
If some mallcore sheep got within 20 feet of Dio, they would spontaneously combust.
by Zaal' Goron February 25, 2005
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