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Impossibilities in the lives of drunks coming to fruition.
Neither Booby nor I drank on St. Patrick's Day. How the world didn't crumble under this drunkocalypse is beyond reason!
by ZaZopolis March 18, 2010
To choke in sport
Berdych chumpled the twelfth game of the second set to Rafa in the 2010 Wimbledon final.
by ZaZopolis July 04, 2010
1. You've got plans, more than likely revolving around drinking, but they could go either way: half-fiasco, half-escapade, or any fraction of the wholes.

2. Something that was purported to be great ends up being a bust, yet credible.
After last night's sloshbuckling fiascopade, I feel like a real booby.
by ZaZopolis November 20, 2009
1. to drink with fervor out of necessity and in a boisterous manner
I called up Booby in the most dire of manners and said, "Woman, it's time we went uh sloshbuckling!"
by ZaZopolis October 20, 2009
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