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All mighty Dzekonian Gold Miner, he retreated from the planet Dzekonia when his friend Sodium the Potatoes meticulously slayed a wild Axe wielding maniac galled ssesxinho he in turn was thanked by the high priest of Finlandia whos name was Frivolousaslan.

They then met a Rebel by the name of Rebelsin, who was trying to repopulate the local population of Besiktasonium he was the only surviver he was able to repopulate thanks to the Dzekonians gold stash.

Then it all ended happily ever after Galatasaray finished 1st in the league, won the Champions league whilst Fener were relegated because their sugar daddy Azize Yildirim was imprisoned for trying to sell his nuclear encrusted shoes to terrorists.
Don't Dzeko me Bro!
Are you Dzeko?
hahaha that chick is so Dzekonian
F*** you that's my Dzekonian gold bar
We are the Dzekos of the night
Bosanski Diamantu
Dude that Dzeko kicked ass
Dance to 80s Dzeko music
I bet you I can Dzeko longer than you can
Bring it on whore!
by ZZZZZZZizouuuuuu January 08, 2010

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