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3 definitions by ZORKI ZORK

1) to speak incoherntly esp. while intoxicated or due to a speaking disabilty like a lisp
2)To slander /to be slack tongued/an aspersion or disparaging remark
3)To say something that is ridiculous , inarticulate or purely obtuse
1)waassupppppp mannnn , howwwzzz youuu ....
2)i waz goingz therez
3)Stop using derisory racist slurs
4)yaooo maan u dawgy dog.(??wth is that)
by ZORKI ZORK November 15, 2005
3)eccentric or bonkers
3)funny as hell!!!!
4)nickname for a person with all three characteristics
persom1:hehe she's such a nutcase , shes bonkers
person2:mwhahaha yeah She's bonga!
by ZORKI ZORK November 15, 2005
best friend forvever , a more musical version of bff
1)ohhh i love you , you're my biffy!!
2)hey biffy come on over
by ZORKI ZORK November 15, 2005