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a driver that can only be visable by their knuckles on the wheel as they are either too small or the seat is too far back.

most commonly seen with elderly female drivers or women in mini coopers wearing beatle eye sunglassess.
i nearly got run of the road yesterday. didnt see their face as it was a knuckle driver
by ZODIAC September 23, 2010
A name for the default ring tones on the iphone
just choosing which itone to use this week..
by ZODIAC October 14, 2010
When a person is walking while on a technological device, most commonly mobile phones but can also include ipads, mp3 players, ebook readers etc
I had a collision on the pavement while tech walking as the other person was doing the same on their iphone.
by ZODIAC September 29, 2010
Rich persons word for £10 using the commonly used 'tenner' and mixing with Pennie ( 1 pence) as it is their equivalent of pennies
I say Robert, I have some tennies in change on me. Must get rid of these things, people will think I am poor!
by ZODIAC December 10, 2010
When something looks small from the outside but is much larger inside. Definition derives from Dr Who's Tardis.
That house looks tiny but is huge inside!

Must be the Tardis effect.
by ZODIAC January 18, 2012
The first page of a google search which has been filtered by relevence.
1,257,569 results cut down to 20 thanks to gfilter!
by ZODIAC November 11, 2010
An extreme cut and blow dry that dramatically changes the persons look.
Did you see Nat's hair? Decapitation and incineration or what!?!?
by ZODIAC June 30, 2011

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