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The act of shitting in some ones trunk without their knowing, just waiting for the owner to open up and find the sweet trunk muffin
Hey man, Jesse was being a D-Bag, so i dropped a trunk muffin in his mom's exterra!
by ZNorton January 27, 2009
Nigger Mints are Newport Cigaretts because for some reason all niggers love newports.
White: "yo blackie you got any cigs?"
Black" "yeah i got them newports"
White: "Nevermind i don't want a fuckin nigger mint"
by ZNorton May 15, 2008
Having your sister drop you dome while cutting your front lawn on your ride on tractor. See Road Head
My sister stopped by while i was mowin' the lawn yesterday, ended up Ranching for a good hour!
by ZNorton January 25, 2009

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