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1. An energy attack, espoused by the ancillary characters of the cartoon series Dragon Ball Z, used to confuse opponents with a bright flash of light.
2. A social construct based upon the above definition, useable at parties when one wants to stop talking to a group of people.
Instead of explicitly stating his intention to walk over there, Rick used a solar flare.
#solar #flare #fuck off #boring #conversation #greetings
by ZMoneyy January 09, 2012
People within the New York subway system who try to work out inane and most likely fraudulent swiping schemes with you when you just want to refill your metrocard and be on your way.
Sorry I'm late, Swipe People made me miss my train.
#homeless #annoying #stupid #fraud #theft #helpful
by ZMoneyy December 04, 2011
1. Sex with a woman inside a cubicle, presumably during office hours.
2. Said woman.
1. Got some of that sweet cubicunt while the boss was in Cleveland.
2. Oh yeah, she's a total cubicunt. She doesn't even draw the line at interns.
#cubicle #office #cunt #sex #whore
by ZMoneyy August 24, 2011
A small amount of tobacco added to the end of a joint to aid in its initial lighting
Hey man add a fuse to that joint because that weed is dense so it will be harder to light.
#joint #smoke #drugs #tobacco #light
by ZMoneyy September 20, 2008
1. The intentional killing of an unborn seed
2. An movie which takes its theme to extreme levels
Did you see Antichrist? That movie was gynocide!
#icide #matricide #ugendercide #fratricide #sororxoricide #parricide
by ZMoneyy January 24, 2010
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