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48 definitions by ZERO

its a expression of disbelief or amazement.
guy: i caught my dad smoking reefer last night.
girl: well fuck me running!
by zero July 15, 2004
Should be arrested.
I dont think Dr. Pepper is qualified to be a soft drink...
by Zero January 03, 2004
1:An excuse to make life more misrable by the goverment

2:What most of us need

3:An excuse by the goverment to enslave us in a 8-12 hour prison with a bitchy dictating teacher to teach us crap and mistreat us so we are misrable, become barbarians, and so they can brain control us so we become "Sufisticated"
Enslavement and embarrasment to the children labor laws. They don't even pay us when we are kids and in school.
by Zero February 20, 2004
Often added to the end of something to signify 'to a great degree'.
Dude, he was drunk something fierce last night.
This meat stinks something fierce, throw it out!
by Zero March 14, 2004
Misspell of the word Europe.
Let's travel yurop! Ok!
by Zero December 09, 2004
what's up? what's going on?
aiyo man what's really good?
by zero February 25, 2004
A marketing phrase used to show how IN YOUR FACE and TO THE MAX a product is. Used to show rebellion, angst, and/or defiance. Usually, only impressionable zombies buy into these clever schemes.
It's the most intense hamburger you'll ever eat. Satisfy your hunger...TO THE EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!
by Zero April 08, 2005