49 definitions by ZEKE

Someone in Tribes/Tribes 2 who won't put down the FUCKING SHOCK-CANNON!
It doesn't work very well in sentences.
"OMFG! Gabe's just like silkk da shocker!"
by Zeke May 09, 2003
similar to the wider known "shart" but solid not runny. occurs when one trys to ease out a fart and instead shits hard and painfully.
i got drunk on the plane & had a fit, everyone could smell it and they knew it was me.
by zeke February 19, 2004
opposite of a pinner, in the marijuana terms. A fat junt.
I used to smoke pinners while my momz made dinner, now i smoke bombs and rock with lynyrd skynard. - kid rock - Quite like me.
by Zeke December 02, 2003
Densely budded marijuana, often laced with a supplemental recreational drug, formed into short sticks for convenience
We smoked off some of them Thai sticks to try to come down a little, but the Dog kept kicking they butt.
by Zeke October 09, 2003
The coolest motherfucker ever to hit this sad sad planet
No-one comes close to the real Zeke
by Zeke April 06, 2005
Italian sausage sandwich from Quizno's
Did you see the veins in that McPenis Filet?
by Zeke May 07, 2005
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