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Hat made of newspaper or plain paper via the following steps:

1. Fold the paper in half
2. Fold down each side to make triangles
3. Fold the bottom flap up
4. Flip the hat over and fold the other bottom flap up
5. Secure the hat with scotch tape

The hat should look like Calvin's Supreme Dictator-For-Life hat.

The party hat is made prior to a party and inscribed with an initial statement such as "The Drunken Sailor Hat (Write Quotes, Rummie)." The hat is then ushered into a party, where it is requested and written upon whenever someone says a hilarious drunken quote that deserves merit. The hat is then laughed over the next day.
"I think the best quote on the hat is 'Bigfoot is not a dinosaur.'"
by Zeke November 21, 2004
A city in Mississippi just a little South of Memphis, TN
I live in Horn Lake, MS.
by Zeke March 10, 2004
Common occurance in basketball in which after the boring round of passes one player will get the ball, not pass to anyone, and then dribble hard towards the basket, leading with the shoulder to knock other players out of the way before shooting a layup. Often accompanied by some sort of foul.
"College basketball can get a little boring because you know they'll just pass it to one of the players and he'll do a crazy mofo rush."
by Zeke March 28, 2005
Sweet fucking dance game. Better than DDR, because of it's corner steps instead of up/down, left/right steps. Also includes a center step.
Can often confuse an avid DDR player, making them look like an ass.
The same goes for an avid PIU player when trying out DDR. Stick to one machine.
Holy shit man! Look at Zeke on the PIU machine! Is he on crack or something?!
by Zeke May 09, 2003
Well this is a derivation of an ever-popular favorite, ass clown. The only difference being the substitution of one profane word for another. Shit clowns are people who you would normally consider ass clowns, but they smell really badly. So the use of this word is usually saved for those ass clowns with poor hygiene, including but not restricted to bums, beggers, democrats, Rasheed Wallace and the like.
n. That shit clown just asked me for what I could spare so I gave him an application for McDonalds.
by Zeke May 28, 2004
German equivalent of cotton candy.
"Ich bin der Zuhälter von Zuckerwatte." means "I am the cotton-candy pimp."

Chris Pretti is the "cotton-candy pimp."
by Zeke March 10, 2004
small amount of shake left over from the reefer bud sack
thers not even a skraealing left?

i found a skraealings worth in your couch.
by Zeke March 27, 2004
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