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Polish word for dark. Now a racial term used to describe Black people.
You fuckin murzyn!
by ZC June 03, 2004
Racial term used for a lazy/fat black person; male or female.
R: Hey guys look it's a nignug sitting out on the porch!
Matt: You racist bastard! it's a monkey.
Chris: Yeah, probalby not.
Matt&Chris: You racist fuck!
R: Not me.
by ZC June 03, 2004
A big vagina with hanging pussy lips.
Hey man I was with a girl last night and she had a blundersnach, I almost fit my hand in there!
by ZC May 27, 2004
As in to get your drunkles on. To drink heavily, and fast enough to get very drunk very fast.
I'm gonna get my drunkles on.
by ZC April 21, 2004
The act of choping someone in the throat karate style to injure or kill them.

e.g. Commonly done on throat chop Thursdays at chelsea high school.

e.g watch out for Al Stewart he might throat chop you.
"oh man its Thursday i hope a dont get throat chopped."
by ZC March 19, 2004
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