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Another term for the vagina to add to the illustrious list. Synonyms include, but are not limited to: yoni, poonani, cunt, gash, and ax wound. This term is especially useful in describing festively rump labium majora.
I love beef, and I love the Grand Canyon as any American should, but I'm not loving that vapid beef canyon.
by ZBT Spyder July 30, 2008
The Snacchin is the act of inserting a camera phone into a woman's vagina and snapping a picture. Music playing on the cellular phone is optional.
Did that Indian guy just give that girl the snacchin while listening to journey?
by ZBT spyder April 09, 2007
To awkardly position yourself at a party in a large group of woman in hopes that one will talk to you and give you the opportunity to either take advantage of or creep them out.
Phil definitely just pulled off the sleazy southwick when he sat down by those three girls without speaking to any of them.
by ZBT spyder April 09, 2007
To ejaculate in an extreme manner, such that the product's volume is significantly larger than usual. Also known as a Dolwick.
When the librarian saw that the Battlestar Galactica girls were featured in playboy, he schnitzed / dolwicked his trousers real heavy.
by ZBT spyder April 09, 2007
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