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The acronym for adult swim].
All kids out da pool!
by ZAKtheGeek March 26, 2005
1. A strange public television channel (used to be my favorite) that used to have good shows (futurama, family guy, john doe, andy richter, greg the bunny...) but now is mostly crappy reality shows, bad ideas no one else would take, american idol, the simpsons and that 70s show. That 70s show is actually one of the few things they show that's actually good. On the other hand, they've either showed or greenlit and then dropped at least 3 shows that have been taken up by adult swim, some quite successfully.

2. Used to describe someone, usually female, as incredibly attractive.
1. Stay tuned for King of the Hill, on FOX!

2. DAMN, you see that girl? She's a fox!!
by ZAKtheGeek April 14, 2005
To find repugnant in all possible ways, conditions, and variances. First used by Red Mage in 8-bit theater.
All communists omniloathe joy.

(No, I for one love joy, but it's an example nonetheless)
by ZAKtheGeek June 30, 2005
"LAO" can be claimed to be an elite group or club as a prank to write it on someone's hand with the most permanenet marker you can find. When written at a slant going left to right and downward, connecting the letters, and viewed upside down, it makes the form of a stick figure masturbating. Good laugh!
You can't really tell when it's typed...
by ZAKtheGeek March 24, 2005

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