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Last Night.
Yesterday Night.
Dude, Mark got so shitfaced yesternight, I think he went home with that gay guy James.
by ZACH BAMF June 22, 2008
From the movie MIB 2

Wrecked 'em, damn near killed 'em.

-Gaming Term
-Used to describe a game of total annihilation and humiliation.
-To rape, own.
"Dude, first to 5 on Gridlock, they didnt even have a chance. Wrecked 'em hard."

1- Fucking owned.

2- Rocked their asshole.

3- Wrecked 'em.

1- Damn near killed 'em.
by ZACH BAMF February 15, 2008
Stuborn, unruley, annoying, persnickety, persistant
"Amanda was being very ignantatious over the phone about something miniscule and pointless."
by ZACH BAMF February 10, 2008
-give or take a few z's
-belongs to the art of ownery in gaming
-describes a shot in a video game or how you killed a person

-see 'hot fire'

Dude, that shot was fuckin pazzzzazzzen
by ZACH BAMF October 30, 2007
The trail of hair of from the belly button to the pubic area.

-On guys :)
-On girls :(
- Also known as a "Happy Trail"

The hair from Zach's trouser trail was caught in his zipper.

by ZACH BAMF June 22, 2008
Used in the gaming community for a phrase of triumph.

1. Bag o' Dicks
2. Bag o' Douche
3. Bucket o' Dicks
"B.O.D. for you sir."
"I'll be passing out the B.O.D.'s all day"
by ZACH BAMF February 10, 2008
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